Right-wing populism and the Real (part 1)

The following is definitely a ‘work in progress’ and a working hypothesis, and its main aim is to try and formulate a relationship between right-wing populism (RWP) and the Real.  My basic contention is that RWP is founded on an ‘ideology of the Real’, which although posing a number of serious conceptual problems regarding the […]


In my previous post on psychosalvation I argued that psychotherapy, and, to a certain extent, psychoanalysis, were grounded in an ideology of ‘psychosalvation’, by which I meant that therapy offers the possibility of ‘saving’ the human subject from the secular equivalent of Christian hell and damnation. On this reading, ‘hell’ and ‘damnation’ seem to equate […]


Many years ago, when I was in final year of my undergraduate studies, I wrote a dissertation on humanistic psychotherapy, within which I strongly criticised its concept of the ‘self’ or ‘ego’ and, linked to this, the notion of ‘psychosalvation’.  By this I mean the idea that therapy can, in some way, provide the basis […]

Take another walk down Heaven Street

First the Brexit vote, then Trump, and now…..the real possibility of two right-wing populist mainstream European governments within a couple of months of each other.  I’m referring of course to the upcoming French elections and the ‘surprise’ British general election that Teresa May called yesterday.  ‘Surprise’ to whom, one wonders?  Presumably to the liberal commentariat […]