Psychosomatics: when the soul meets the body

A while ago I posted a piece on medically unexplained symptoms.1 This was in response to an article by Louise Atkinson in the Daily Mail on chronic back pain and how this might be caused by stress and tension rather than any underlying physical problem.2 One of the reasons I wanted to write this current […]

ME: all in the body?

There’s been yet another news story that purports to ‘prove’ that myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME, otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a ‘real’ illness rather than being ‘all in the mind’.1  To quote from the story: The researchers, from Columbia University in New York, analysed hundreds of blood samples taken from ME patients and healthy […]

All in the mind?

Louise Atkinson has just written an interesting article on chronic back pain, which focuses on the controversial ideas of  physiotherapist Nick Sinfield. 1  Judging by many of the comments to the article, Sinfield has stirred up something of a hornets nest, because his basic argument is that not only does chronic back pain cause psychological problems, […]