Can organisations make people ill?

In my previous post1 I argued that rather than talk about corporate or organisational pathology it might make more sense to speak of corporate pathologisation or the pathological effects of corporate life.  Otherwise we end up treating the organisation itself as the pathological subject, which creates all kinds of conceptual and practical difficulties. However, this […]

Corporate pathology revisited

A while ago I wrote a number of posts relating to what I described as ‘corporate pathology’, and linking this closely with the crisis in the financial industry.  However, as I argued in at least one of these posts1, the concept of a ‘pathological’ corporation or organisation is not without its problems – both conceptually […]

Corporate pathology?

As a psychoanalytic practitioner one of the things that has always intrigued me is whether social institutions or formations can be ‘pathological’, in the same way that an individual can be described as ‘pathological’, or in the use of terms such as ‘psychopathology’ and ‘psychopath’.   According to my dictionary, the word ‘pathology’ is derived from […]

Coach or couch?

I remember attending a very interesting talk on executive coaching a while ago and the presenter – who was both a therapist and a coach, was quite open in admitting that a great deal of coaching is psychotherapy under a different name. Managers and executives will accept coaching whereas they wouldn’t dream of going near […]