The riddle of transference

Transference is one of the cornerstones of psychoanalysis, and yet at the same time it always seems to present itself as something of a puzzle, a riddle.1  In the world of ‘pop-psychology’ (and, for that matter, pop-psychoanalysis and psychotherapy) transference is often viewed as the patient/client ‘mistaking’ their therapist or another person in a position […]

The Real of everyday life

It’s often tempting to think of the Real as something mysterious and esoteric; something that is transcendental or even, in some way, supernatural or occult.  However, I think this is to completely misrecognise the Real.  Or rather, although it’s actually very easy to misrecognise the Real, this is not because it’s hidden away in some […]

The nature of the Real

This probably seems an impossibly ambitious topic for a blog posting (or even a PhD thesis) but then again that’s the whole point: the Real is essentially the impossible (to say).  At least, this is how it’s often presented in Lacanian literature.    The point here, though, is that Lacan’s conception of the Real changed through […]