Physician, heal thyself?

For a while now The Guardian has been running a blog entitled Views from the NHS frontline in which a range of health professionals comment upon their experiences of working in the NHS.  What’s quite telling is that a significant number of these articles relate to the mental health problems experienced by such professionals.  These […]

What is psychotherapy?

If you had asked this question one hundred years ago the answer would have been simple: psychotherapy was just another term for psychoanalysis – Freud’s ‘talking cure’.  Since that time, however it’s become increasingly difficult to define psychoanalysis itself let alone psychotherapy, of which there are now literally hundreds of variants, and most of which […]

Mental health and the web

It might seem somewhat ironic (and possibly hypocritical) to be posting a piece on the possible downside of the web in relation to mental health.  After all, my hope is that people who are interested in mental health will read it – on the web!  However, life is full of irony, not to say hypocrisy […]