Depersonalisation and conversion disorders: old wine in new bottles?

There have been a couple of interesting articles relating to mental health that have caught my eye recently.  They both highlight a longstanding trend within psychiatry (and, unfortunately in some parts of the psychoanalytic world) to redefine various forms of human suffering and disturbance as ‘disorders’.   This seems to directly correlate with what might be […]

Private madness

On Private Madness is a collection of papers by the French psychoanalyst André Green. 1 In his introduction to the book, Green writes: Freud already knew that the boundaries between neurosis and normality are barely discernable.  Following him, we have learned that many persons who are well adapted to social and external reality harbour what I […]

Banking culture: fear is the key

As the maelstrom engulfing the banking industry shows no sign of abating, even though Bob Diamond has finally fallen on his sword,1 neither has the search for explanations.  As I highlighted in a previous post, attention is currently on the culture of the banking industry.    However, as I pointed out in that posting, ‘culture’ is […]